Wine furniture constructor. Converting the catalog to digital and creating an app

The integrated approach that allows us to implement complex applications in a short time, as always, did not let us down. The combined work of designers, managers and IT specialists made it possible to create the application in the shortest possible time. This app reduces the time to get a visual image and the price of prefabricated furniture for a wine cellar. The work was done for Wine Storing, which is engaged in professional equipment of wine cellars and has its own furniture collection in different colors.

Here are the main steps of digitalazing the catalog and creating the necessary content for the application as well as the constructor design  from concept to finished product.

We hope that our work will reduce the time of creating a complete Wine Room from weeks to several minutes, reduce the work of managers and designers, and allow not only to quickly get the finished look of the Wine Room and the price, but also to introduce gaming excitement into the process of creating a wine room.

Look at the development process.

The existing catalogue of Wine furniture, designed by Wine Storing

Example of a ready-made wine room by Wine Storing

The interface sketches were created as part of the technical task for application development

First sketches of the constructor interface

Working out the constructor interface

Notes on the logic of the development, worked out together with the customer

The beginning of the Wine Storing furniture catalogue digitalization. Bas-relief of the eagle

Sketches of rooms for virtual reality

Development of the Help section for the constructor

Scenes created for the constructor in virtual reality

Initially, the idea was to create rooms of various shapes, but then we simplified the concept

Straight Wine Room

Corner Wine Room

Two wine cabinets

Triple Wine Composition

Wine furniture modules digitalized for Constructor

The final application interface, created by the designers and approved by the customer, before integration with the database

The first test of the application

The second test of the constructor’s operation

Test 3-Recording from the phone screen

Visual views for Google and Apple stores

Presentation of the work and final testing before publication

The implementation process, comments by Ivan Kulakov

You can download our Constructor or start it online and build your own wine room