We automate the design creation for our Architectural Department. Arttim Online app for AppStore and Android. Logic, interface, server part, programming

We facilitate the work of our Architectural Department. A large number of projects and additional information, such as photos from the author’s supervision, interior visualizations, budget calculations, must be constantly available to the customer and systematized for easy access.

If this is not done, constant calls and distraction our architects from the work will simply reduce the useful work time, and thus reduce productivity.

For this purpose, we have released a new application that connects the company’s servers directly to the client’s application. The logic is very simple, the customer enters a username and password and gets access to the project, all new information is located into sublevels and appears in the app instantly. But that’s not all, the customer can provide access to all or a part of the information to his contractors, also from the app.

As a result, the Architectural Department of the Studio and, most importantly, the customer, get convenient access to all sections of the project being developed, at their discretion, can provide access to the necessary sections for the contractors and third-party specialists.

This software product not only facilitates access to project information for customers, but also reduces the work of the Architectural Department.

See the history of the app creation process for iOS and Android

Preliminary interface of the idea, 2016

Correction and completion of the application interface

Finish views of the app on your device

Settings section, section sketches

Task for software development, implementation of the code and the server part of the application

Ready interface for all application pages

Preliminary presentation of the application test version and the notes for corrections

Information for publishing the app in Apple Store and Google Play

The application icon is made in green color as a button symbolizing the connection to the network

Final video of the app


Presentation of the application, the finish version

Overview video