Wash basins and our training and skills improvement with AR apps

We started working with augmented reality a long time ago, as soon as such an opportunity appeared on mobile devices, but until recently there was a restriction in the use of labels to determine objects and their sizes, but this direction of development was seen by our team as very tempting and the use of applications with this technology gave completely new presentation opportunities.

The digital image of an object that can be transferred to any point of the world in a matter of seconds is mind-blowing, and we started working more on the photorealistic aspects of models, light reflection, and the digitization of products itself.

In the beginning, the labels on the catalogues gave the opportunity to try the wash basins on the site to all those who had such a catalog. For those who did not have it, the app had the option to print the label, but we understood that this greatly reduced the sales opportunities.

In parallel, our team was engaged in creating a server part that allows storing all objects in the cloud, synchronizing three-dimensional copies with the customer’s databases, which in turn helped to make changes to the products inside the application without reinstalling the latter and reduced the total volume of each developed applications, as three-dimensional objects were loaded whenever required.

As a result, we did an excellent job bringing together a team of visualizers, designers,programmers and database specialists, which in turn made it possible to develop new AR applications within one week.

Look at the creating and testing process:

The logic and sketches of the new interface and the application operation without tags

Interface sketches made by the studio designers

Interface sketches made by the studio designers

Product photos to be transferred into AR

Creating a three-dimensional product library for an augmented reality application

The first part of the three-dimensional objects library for AR

Compare and adjust the size of virtual and real wash-bassins

Photo shoot of products in the forest, the photos are used for the development of the application interface and the layout of product catalogues

Layout of the AR application interface

Photos of using the first version of the app with a QR code on the product catalogue

Russian and English language presentation booklet of the developed application

Presentation of the application booklet

Release of the app with augmented reality without tags

Additional video explanations of how the app works

Product Website https://eco-spexi.ru/

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