Museum exhibits, digital conversion of products. Presentation in augmented reality. New approach, digital Museum and development of application logic for museums

The last decade has become a boom in the development of smartphones, now everyone is spending all free time online on his/her smartphone. 15 years ago we could not think about it, there were just some people who played square games on square button phones and that’s all. Now there is a new era and the new generation is grown up, who has not seen another life.

Many say that young people are not interested in anything, but looking at the development of video channels, a lot of digital information, it becomes clear that the perception of information is changing and the brain of a modern person is ready to absorb information as before, but now there are many different levels of information supplied and what the higher the layering of text, photo, audio and video, telling and showing one topic, the higher the interest. Alas, the old methods are poorly perceived as black-and-white television from a small semicircular screen when compared with a modern cinema. What do you think your child will choose with these options?
Teachers and historians say that history museums have become uninteresting, but this is not true. We do not have a modern tool that makes it possible to interest and supply information in a modern multi-layer version.
And that’s why we took the first step in creating such a digital bridge that shows a small part of the capabilities of modern technologies.
The “Enigma AR” app will tell you about one episode of the Second World war history, will give you the opportunity to look at a digital copy of the recreated encryption machine and the interesting excursion and approach will remain in your memory.
We hope that this small step will be the first on a long but exciting path of integration a new approach to digitizing and combining historical data with modern features, which will make museums and historical excursions more popular and accessible to everyone.

Archive photos of the Enigma encryption machine

photos from the site

Three-dimensional modeling of a virtual Museum exhibit

Applying materials to a three-dimensional Enigma model

The final model

AR app, photo interface and usage

Video, augmented reality testing process

Final video for the app, prepared by Pavel Perets

The application is released and ready to use