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Digital real estate sales tool

The KLUCH Business complex combines modern digital solutions, design and new presentation opportunities. Our IT Department, together with the Studio’s designers, will create an individual tool that increases real estate sales.

Presentation technologies will leave a vivid impression on the potential buyer, will allow him to see the future appearance of the estate at the construction stage, which together with the work of managers gives a competitive advantage and increases the efficiency of sales.

An additional bonus, the release of an app for Android and Ios devices, allows potential customers to get acquainted with the estate before viewing it, which increases the interest and number of deals made.

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Let’s start with the simplest, but most effective way to increase the number of potential customers: open posting of information about the property for sale on the Internet. Photos of the apartment and views from the windows are less informative than a professional video showing the apartment, planning options and views.

Example of a video presentation

Direction description

More video presentations


The basic version of the software product allows you to present the interior, exterior and surrounding area from basic points. The app can be released as a separate product as well as a presentation based on the standard KLUCH app available in the AppStore.
As part of this work, the Studio’s designers adapt the existing project to a full-fledged presentation or perform a new presentation based on an individual design. During the development process, it is possible not only to get a digital presentation, but also technical documentation, as well as articles and position budget for the implementation of the proposed presentation solutions.
The resulting product is available on any tablet and phone, which makes it possible to use the KLUCH 1.0 as a tool for online sales and attracting customers.


This is the next stage of the presentation, an application that allows you to walk around in a new, not created yet interior, present design options for apartments and public spaces. This tool is used for sales managers and is shown to customers directly on the site.
To use the app is very simple, no additional skills or learning process is required. To visualize a complex three-dimensional composition on the screen, you need to use the most modern tablets with high-performance video cards and a large amount of RAM.


KLUCH VR complements the demonstration of apartments interiors and public facilities with a virtual reality kit for the sales office. All equipment is located in the system case, connected by a single wire and installed within five minutes.

As a result, the sales office gets an additional tool for attracting customers, demonstrating public areas and apartment design options directly in the sales office before viewing the object itself.

KLUCH AR. Creating digital copies of buildings models

Development of digital buildings models, release of applications for your devices as well as additional functionality are included in the KLUCH Business package.

After having seen the building model in the sales office, the buyer installs the application on the phone, which makes it possible to view the buildings and the surrounding area at any time and anywhere.

Additional features of the created applications allow you to show planning solutions, specified apartments, the complex infrastructure and technical and economic indicators of the object.

Interior constructor and calculation of the estimated cost of finishing materials and repairs

This convenient tool for creating and changing the design for new apartments will allow estate owners to create an individual project within a few minutes, choosing one of the million design options, instantly get a visual image of the future interior, as well as calculate the estimated project cost.

The constructors we create is a new step in the real estate sales. Instantly interior visualizing applications create additional value conditions for the object, allowing you to sell together with the object the implementation of design solutions, finishing materials, furniture and all services necessary for the future owner.

Integrated approach

The customer sees the design options, cost estimates for implementation, examples and materials. Which in turn is an additional bonus and a strong incentive to choose this estate.

Selling an image of the future

We do not buy concrete walls, but comfortable and visually designed apartments, and the choice of options allows you to choose an impressive one for each customer.

Wow effect

Increase visual perception

Comparing drawn images and reality is a difficult task for many people, KLUCH Business helps to understand what the future may look like even before it is implemented.

Budget estimates

The final calculation of each of the proposed design options makes the proposed solution more complete, which is another undeniable advantage of your apartment complex compared to competitors.





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