KLUCH VR. Concept development and implementation of a comprehensive set for the presentation of residential and public facilities in virtual reality

By the time of creation of the first version of KLUCH VR in 2017, our team had already developed several virtual reality computer games. Moreover, we have a vast experience in 3D modelling, since we have been using three-dimensional modeling for more than twenty years.

Technologies are improving and in 2017, we realized that the projects proposed by the studio can be presented in augmented reality by creation of virtual models, placing the viewer in three-dimensional scenes.

Our training began with our own projects, first we made several three-dimensional presentations of office spaces and apartments, after which we started working with larger objects and made a presentation of the rehabilitation center being reconstructed at that time. Our architectural department presented virtual tours together with an introduction to the concept, which gave us understanding and feedback from our customers.

The second stage included the improvement of the graphics and the change of scale, which is extremely useful for large objects and allows not only to look at the project from the first person, but to see the whole picture, changing the scale.

Further, we made some improvements relating to the number of wires and the presentation preparation time. Our team completed several cases that made it possible to connect seven sets with one wire, which reduced to 5 minutes the presentation preparation time.

Now we have an excellent presentation tool for the residential and public properties that allows us to understand the project better and increase the sales of newly built property.

Have a look at the process of project creation.

Virtual reality basket sketches

Manufactured virtual reality testing stand for two people

Preliminary testing, interior

Test scene, territory reconstruction project

Scene Model for Virtual Reality

Designed menu inside virtual reality

Virtual reality testing, exterior and surrounding area

Final product video

Equipment case, 3D modeling

Presentation stand for the Sales Office

Examples of created virtual reality scenes

Living room

Master bedroom

Classic cabinet

Modern office

Home theater


Master bathroom

Children bedroom

Video review of the finished product