Hardware And Software Complexes

Commercial equipment development and integration of the lighting system to the application

The store developed by our design department relied on the opportunity to support this project with the help of modern solutions. In addition to the completely white furniture, in accordance with the concept, a hardware and software complex for lighting control was created. Using the tablet and the app installed on it, the shop employees within a few seconds configure each cell for the product for sale.

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VR stand. Virtual reality presentation designed for two people in the office of ARTteam studio

Let’s start with the fact that we have a vast experience in implementing games and other applications in virtual reality, the maximum number of people immersed by us in VR in the summer of 2016 was six. See for example virtual reality games on our website.

For testing applications and presentation of new products, such as:
– V Tennis Simulator

Our team has developed and implemented a VR presentation stand. We have a vast experience in the development of gaming computer tables for the YotaArena e-sports club, it was there that during the development process due to the limited space and high heat emission of the gaming units, our team placed the unit and all communications under the ceiling. In this project, we use this technique again.

Have a look at the process of project creation.

An example of virtual reality games developed by our team

Tables for the e-sports club, designed by our team in 2016

Visual image with the upper basket for the system unit

Video review of the computer club after launch

Basket sketches

Images of the finished basket after installation and connection of the equipment

Use of the shopping cart. Testing of the products developed by «ARTTeam IT»

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Wine room management hardware-software system. Manage everything – temperature, humidity, number of bottles and lighting

Wine room is an expensive accessory! With the help of our specialists, it has now become more intelligent, customized and created in the spirit of the new time. As always, we start with the idea and create the technical task. In 9 cases out of 10, the technical task is written by our specialists, interviewing the customer and his team.

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Garage for the robot, we thought it might only be a title of Asimov’s book, but no. We made a garage for a vacuum cleaner robot

I must say that this project should not have been on our page, but everyone, just everyone who saw it, was very interested. You show a person augmented reality, facial recognition algorithms, brain training programs using virtual reality, and you think that this is very significant, and then you accidentally mention that you made a garage for a vacuum cleaner robot and all attention immediately switches to it.

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