Constructor or Configurator, we haven’t decided yet with the name, but the app works and this is really a new step in interior design, we are creating the foundation

This foundation will reduce the project implementation time. You have a huge number of options on the screen, so many of them that one architect working with you would perform all of them for several years, and the app users have the opportunity to view each one instantly. But this is only part of the functionality, the second element, the specifications that allow you to get a calculation of the cost of the option you chose instantly.

The app is part of a new direction of app development – constructors, that we prun for various types of business. As practice shows, these applications reduce the time of calculation and obtaining a visual image by hundreds of times, allowing the company’s managers to make fewer mistakes and give the result to potential customers immediately, which increases the probability of buying.

The version of the product available on the network allows to customers to independently select and calculate the order configuration they need, sending the generated purchase order to the Sales Department.

Look at the process of developing a new sales tool for complex products.

Preliminary tests based on the modern study developed by the Studio’s architects

Logic sketches of the application under development

Task for the application interface development

Sketches of the room for the constructor, developed by the Design Department

One of the interface options, mid-development

3d scene creation

Test A

Test B

Test C

Home Theater Design app from ArtTeam IT. Review of Ivan Kulakov

Information for publishing the app

You can download our app and create a unique design by yourself