Commercial equipment development and integration of the lighting system to the application

The store developed by our design department relied on the opportunity to support this project with the help of modern solutions. In addition to the completely white furniture, in accordance with the concept, a hardware and software complex for lighting control was created. Using the tablet and the app installed on it, the shop employees within a few seconds configure each cell for the product for sale.

The outlet sells esports products, those packaging is bright and memorable. Different brands use their own brand color, and our retail equipment adjusts the lighting to the product installed in each cell.
This technique allows to change the appearance of the store in a few seconds in accordance with today’s layout, change or accent the color of the cells and give the store a personality in accordance with the offered products.ook at the implementation process and the video presentation from the store.
Look at the implementation process and the video presentation from the store.

The work result of the hardware and software complex  and the application for controlling the lighting of commercial equipment created by our team

Russian version

English version

Sketches by the Architecture department of the ArtTeam Studio

During the development of the project consultations were held and the decision how to implement a complex lighting system was made

Visual image of the store, approved by the customer

Drawings of the commercial equipment being created, the project also took into account the installation of the lighting control system

The work process, photos were made during the author’s supervision, commercial equipment and materials were supplied by the Supply department of the ArtTeam Studio as part of the project management

Photos of the store after the opening, together with the launch of the store, our team created a common application that works in conjunction with the company’s online store

General photos and products photos

Stands and logo inside the store

The app created by our team

Recommendations of the customer after the sale point opening

The project presentation booklet, prepared by the designers of the ArtTeam Studio

Booklet Overview

Store Overview