Charming hand-painted plates and an app for selling products with augmented reality. ArtFleur AR

New technologies allow you to show the products for sale to more and more potential customers, especially if this display is free, available anywhere and allows the customers to try on the product before buying, to choose from several options taking as much time as needed, to consult with friends, to take photos and display the product not yet purchased in social networks, getting closer and closer to full confidence about the need to purchase the chosen product.

But the problem is that few people understand that these opportunities are already available even for small businesses, as such as our acquaintance with the magic products of ArtFleur artel from Kazan began with the purchase of one of the wonderful hand-painted sets from this brand.
Truly a work of art, but there was one problem that was connected, alas, with our inattention. The large plates were very large, and the small ones were very small. While ordering, we did not look at the sizes ourselves and now the large ones do not fit in the microwave. And alas, it’s our fault as the customer, since we did not take the ruler and did not look at the size.
So, this can’t be fixed, we don’t have a time machine. But we have come up with a way to correct this miscalculation using new technologies and the presence of almost everyone’s phone in their pocket.
It took us 12 days to digitize the entire service and prepare an augmented reality test application. We sent the test below to the artel and offered to work together. The new app showed the product through the phone, determining its real size and allowing you to replace it with another.

And we got pretty flattering and positive feedback and started working together.
This app is a new type of online store that is always available on the phone of a potential customer, but there is a number of advantages compared to a regular store:

Let’s look at the development process of this application, available for Android and IOS

Photos of products for rendering into three-dimensional augmented reality objects

Sketches and application logic

The application interfaces made on the basis of sketches

Modeling of product materials for augmented reality

Application icon options for the customer’s choice

Combining three-dimensional AR models and materials for final addition to the library


Video review of the finished product


The application is released and ready to use