Augmented reality used for the Storage system presentation. AR app as a supplement to the product catalogue

The first stage of quite fast work. Using the developed scheme of AR apps creation, our team of designers and IT specialists analyzed the existing products of the customer, talked through the options for creating the new application, chose the best one, implemented the app, which would serve as an additional bonus to the company’s product catalogue.

The product is a storage system for large stores and allows to put together and provide quick access to a large range of small goods. Easy shelves with pull-out mechanisms are combined from standard modules that are sold by our customer.

We have the catalogue, sizes and photos of the modules, as well as preliminary models and a task to release the application within 15 days. Our experience, registration in Google and Apple accounts, as well as our own servers and the association of Studio IT specialists with the designers allow us to complete this task. We simultaneously develop the interface, build 3D models, and program the product.

Without the existing developments, this task would have been carried out for three or four months, but all the preliminary work has already been completed and now we fit into the designated fifteen days.

Look at the work at different stages and at the result.

Video review of the AR app

Customer’s Product Catalogue

Primary 3D product models for augmented reality

Product photos are used for photorealistic reproduction of the model in AR

3D modules for AR with inserted color materials

Final digitization of products, agreed with the customer

The app’s logo and interface options offered by the studio’s designers

Final testing of the application before placing it in the Google Play and AppStore markets

Screens of objects on the smartphone, the app works

Photos of the app screen with augmented reality

Record of the screen with the AR app working

Design of presentation images used in stores

Publishing the AR app on Google play and AppStore

Customers Feedbacks