Augmented Reality / AR

Museum exhibits, digital conversion of products. Presentation in augmented reality. New approach, digital Museum and development of application logic for museums

The last decade has become a boom in the development of smartphones, now everyone is spending all free time online on his/her smartphone. 15 years ago we could not think about it, there were just some people who played square games on square button phones and that’s all. Now there is a new era and the new generation is grown up, who has not seen another life.

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Charming hand-painted plates and an app for selling products with augmented reality. ArtFleur AR

New technologies allow you to show the products for sale to more and more potential customers, especially if this display is free, available anywhere and allows the customers to try on the product before buying, to choose from several options taking as much time as needed, to consult with friends, to take photos and display the product not yet purchased in social networks, getting closer and closer to full confidence about the need to purchase the chosen product.

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