ArtTeam AR / Development and testing of augmented reality in various products

Our team constantly works with three-dimensional objects, creating the latter to demonstrate the virtual space before implementation, in fact, we build a copy of the future reality in the virtual space, improve, adjust and after the final version is accepted, implement in reality.

Modern technologies allow us to expand this functionality and use it for distant sales of almost any goods, a digital copy of the product is instantly transferred to a potential buyer, the possibilities of fitting and choosing go to a new level.

For presentation these capabilities in various areas, we have created an application that allows anyone to test them by his/her own.

Look at the process of developing an app with augmented reality. Step by step.

The first video reviews of the augmented reality app we developed

Photo fixation of products for creating digital 3D copies

List of presentation objects sections for an AR application

Development logic, stage-by-stage approach. Post-brainstorming notes

Ready-made textures for three-dimensional objects, made on the basis of photo fixation

Sketches of the application interface

Interface layout, option A

Translation of the app interface into English

English version of the interface

Creating digital copies of products for AR application

Rendering of sections product icons

Video of testing the app with augmented reality

Tests after adjusting three-dimensional models and materials

Several promotional photos of the interface and the AR operation

Testing before publishing the app, medium-sized objects in AR

Photos of the screen for app publishing

Video testing, large objects in augmented reality. Car

Video testing, large objects in augmented reality. Bicycle

AR products view through the app




The application is released and ready to use