What is the product technical specification?

We often see projects that come to us at the stage of partial completion. As a result, the team that had been implementing the project did not meet the deadlines, the budget was overrun, the customer refused the project after a nervous breakdown, or took the decision to refuse a further cooperation with the contractor.

In most cases, this is due to differences in understanding of the final product among the customer and the project executives, as well as to additional information and changes that are added to the project on different stages. The result is predictable, deadlines are missed, the estimated cost increases, the product does not go on the market in a month or even in four months after the scheduled release date. The process can be adjusted by discussing initially the logic of the product and fixing the concept. This is what should done during the zero stage of development. Our experts, interviewing and consulting with the customer, create a detailed technical task that avoids the problems described above.

Example of a prepared technical specification